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Rawai Park School Teachers

School Director. English, Science, Mathematics

Ms. Nastassja Bezuidenhout

Hello! My name is Nastassja and I am very excited to be joining Rawai Park School. Some information about myself, be it silly or informative. I grew u...

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English, Humanities, Business Studies, Computing

Mr. Trent Patterson

Meet the Teacher. Teacher Trent is an enthusiastic South African teacher. He teaches Primary English and Social Studies. He has an educational backgr...

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Russian, Russian math, literature

Ms. Alina Platkova

Teacher Alina has been working as a teacher for almost 3 decades. She worked as a teacher, head teacher and manager in schools and universities in Mo...

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Russian, Russian math, literature, rhythmic poems and Russian music

Mr. Victor Platkov

We are privileged to have Teacher Victor in our team! Due to his personal love of music and his extensive experience of working as a performer, a comp...

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Geography, Economics, PE, Swimming

Mr. Nikita Golovanov

Meet the Teacher. P.E Coordinator and Secondary School Geography teacher. Teacher Nikita graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical University and has mor...

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Cambridge Mathematics

Nina Lebanan

Meet the Teacher. Teacher Nina is a passionate Mathematics teacher with nearly a decade of experience working with students across a wide range of ag...

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Homeroom teacher. English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies Teacher.

Adri Savage

My name is Adri Savage I was born and raised in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I have one son whose name is Lucas and he is 22 years old. I lived for s...

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Cambridge Global Science and Life Skills

Alexander Kools

Teacher Alex is a teacher from Germany with more than 7 years of experience teaching Science to second and first-language English learners. He has t...

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Cambridge Global English, Life Skills

Nicola van der Vyfer

Meet the Teacher. Nicola is a teacher from South Africa, with years of experience in the Skills Development sector, that equipped her with the expert...

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