Ms. Alina Platkova

Russian, Russian math, literature


Teacher Alina has been working as a teacher for almost 3 decades. She worked as a teacher, head teacher and manager in schools and universities in Moscow before moving to Thailand where she has been living for 12 years. Throughout her career she has taught English, Russian, maths, business English, creative writing in Russian and English, business studies, and she also prepared students for various exams both in English and Russian. Many students of hers graduated from leading world universities and became successful people. Alina thinks that one of the most important teacher’s roles is to inspire students, and she is a keen learner herself. She loves gaining knowledge in different fields. She is very grateful to the person who shaped her as a teacher and who has been her guru for many years since she studied at Pedagogical University - one of the most prominent teachers’ instructors Shalva Amonashvili, a reformer and novator who transformed education in Georgia and Russia. She is a very proud student of her teacher and always tries to fill her classes with love, understanding and support - factors that are of the most importance in humane pedagogics which she follows. She believes that every child is unique and if we treat each child with deep love and respect, give them an opportunity to develop their best talents and potential, support their natural curiosity and nuture their best character traits, children will turn into happy people who will enjoy their lives and make lives of other people better. Alina appreciates a chance to work at Rawai Park School and to be able to help our students thrive academically, mentally and socially!

Ms. Alina Platkova

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