Ms. Alina Platkova

Russian, Russian math, literature


Alina My name is Alina. The most exciting hobby I have had all my life is studying. Being a child, I attended lots of clubs and workshops and I still love it. When I learn something new, I feel really thrilled. I had some hobbies which were so absorbing that I became a professional in those fields. One of my lifelong interests is teaching, and I started teaching while I was studying at university. I still think it’s one of the most interesting jobs I could ever have. I worked at different schools in Russia and abroad as a teacher and educational manager, and I am a very keen educationalist. My husband and I have also worked in various volunteering and fundraising projects in Russia and Thailand. I believe that having a job that you love, having hobbies and being curious turn your life into a happy journey full of interesting events and pleasure. I love travelling and I used to travel a lot studying yoga philosophy. I enjoy exploring new places and meeting people who tell me about their culture and traditions. Books, crafts, meditation, cooking and yoga help me relax after a working day. I deeply love my family and enjoy spending time with my family members. I think I am a very happy person and I feel grateful for every day which gives me an opportunity to do what I love and to be with wonderful people that surround me! My name’s Alina. I started teaching while I was studying at University and have been teaching for 27 years. I still find the educational process really fascinating. I also studied management and tried to shift to managerial positions several times but always returned to my teaching job, so I think teaching is addictive to me. I have taught in different environments and I have always seen really impressive results and have always enjoyed it. What can be better than seeing children’s development, watching how they evolve their personalities and become successful individuals? Some of my students have already become well-known people in different fields, I’m so proud of them. I studied pedagogy in several places, but the person who affected me most as a teacher is my guru Shalva Amonashvilli who introduced a lot of successful ideas and reforms to the Russian educational system. I still take courses at his university and I am so happy to be his student and be able to develop further and pass his ideas to my students. At Rawai Park School I will be teaching the Russian language, Russian math and literature. I always try to make my classes engaging and effective, making sure that each child is able not only to develop academically but also to become a better person. We learn how to help and support each other, respect ourselves and other people, how to be responsible and generous people who are happy to share their gifts with the world. We will follow the Russian curriculum approved by the Russian Ministry of Education to ensure a high quality of education. My students will also be able to gain official certification from Russia, which is needed in case they return to Russia and want to continue their education there. I love studying and I try to transmit this love to my students. It’s inspiring to teach my students who do their best and who are not afraid of thinking independently or making a mistake. This mutual respect, support and interest let me and my students see the beauty of the educational process and enjoy it.

Ms. Alina Platkova

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