What makes our international school unique?

First of all, it is relevant and innovative subjects that are taught here, the open-minded teachers who are aimed at achieving the best results. We don’t like the idea of just making our students spend time at school feeling bored. We regularly monitor not only the level of knowledge gained by our students, but also the qualifications of the teachers, conducting weekly tests and monitoring reports on scientific work.

We place particular emphasis on language and mathematics education. From the very junior grades, our students are taught according to the Cambridge language program, they also study English literature, history and geography. The curriculum combines classes in the Russian language and literature in accordance with the program approved by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Mathematics is divided into two main areas: the Cambridge program and the Singaporean mathematics educational program. The material delivered in these programs has significant conceptual and structural differences, and it enabled our teachers to develop their own educational strategy that combines the best elements; this way math is easily learned by kids, and gives high school students an incredible advantage in the field of applied mathematics, higher mathematics, algebra and geometry. In the near future, we will prove the effectiveness of this system with the results of international Olympiads, which are constantly held in different countries of the world.

We also pay a lot of attention to creative subjects. We offer original lessons in rhythmic poetry, drama, Western music, art and design. In December, we will open a new educational campus which will have a scientific laboratory, an art club, a gym and our own concert hall.

If you are looking for an alternative educational opportunity for your child during your winter stay in Phuket, we are ready to offer you a special package: stay in Rawai VIP Villas Phuket and study at our school. At the end of December this year, we will open new facilities at Rawai Park a new trampoline center, a climbing wall and a renovated kids club, which will make your holiday with children in Phuket truly unforgettable.