Rawai Park School is located on Phuket Island in the Kingdom of Thailand. The main educational buildings are located on the territory of the Rawai VIP Villas family villa complex. Rawai Beach is just 300 meters away. Our school is an absolutely unique educational project that has no analogues in Phuket. We invite you to our small and cozy world filled with care, knowledge and entertainment.

We are the creators of a modern and efficient space for children and adolescents where they can feel comfortable. Our school is designed for a relatively small number of students, because the main goal for us is individual education without interruption from society. Classrooms are designed for a maximum of 10 students, which allows the teacher to pay sufficient attention to each of the children.

We are confident that our school will impress you and you will be happy to join us in the very near future!

The main campus of Rawai Park School.

The main educational building has 2 floors, which are located:

Each of the classrooms is equipped with a multimedia system and a projector. The educational process is focused on the most modern methods and interactive programs involving students in constant interaction with the educational material.

Classes are equipped with climate control systems that allow you to control the moderate temperature in the hot climate of Thailand.


Rawai Park School Art Campus


The second educational building has 1 floor and is located 20 meters from the main educational building. Here are located:

The art campus is focused on the creative physical and artistic development of students. Many of our teachers have significant experience in organizing theater, music and art studios. Reporting concerts are held monthly at the school, and twice a year, large events with the participation of students, teachers and guest stars.