Alexander Kools

Cambridge Global Science and Life Skills


Teacher Alex is a teacher from Germany with more than 7 years of experience teaching Science to second and first-language English learners. He has taught biology, chemistry, and physics in the past with his strength in the field of biology. Alex's experience ranges from teaching primary students up to tutoring high school learners with a focus on IGCSE, IB, and A-Level exam preparation. His tuition students have consistently received top grades and rewards such as "most improved student of the year" in well-known international schools around Phuket. Alex's academic background in marine biology has helped him develop and deliver engaging lessons to foster his learners' curiosity and interest in the natural world around them. Exercising curiosity makes our minds active, it makes us observe the world around us, ask questions, and search for answers. It is one of the most important tools of a successful scientific mind.

Alexander Kools

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