Mr. Trent Patterson

English, Humanities, Business Studies, Computing


Hello! My name is Trent Patterson, allow me to introduce myself. I am a new arrival to the island of Phuket and am absolutely ecstatic to have begun a new chapter of my life at the beautiful and innovative Rawai Park School! I teach both primary and secondary level students in a range of subjects including; Business Studies, Computing, History, Geography as well as Public Speaking and Creative Writing. A brief history of my background is that I was raised in Johannesburg - an exciting and vibrant city located in the beautiful country of South Africa. I studied and graduated from The University of Pretoria in which I acquired a BA Law majoring in both English and Criminology. Despite my studies revolving around law and understanding the minds of criminals I have always known that my true passion was to become a teacher. This passion grew from helping my peers in school as well previously working as a tutor during university years - spreading knowledge is something that I have always taken pride in doing. My hobbies include participating in physical activities whether it be running, swimming or playing sports with my friends. I thoroughly enjoy reading English literature and I am also passionate about the subject of history and will always strive to increase my knowledge in these two fields. I enjoy being outside, exploring nature and seeing animals in their natural homes. Because of this, I feel strongly about conservation and protecting what is left of the world’s diminishing natural habitats. Finally, I am an avid fan of both Formula 1 motorcar racing and MotoGP motorcycle racing.

Mr. Trent Patterson

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