Mr. Trent Patterson

English, Humanities, Business Studies, Computing


Meet the Teacher. Teacher Trent is an enthusiastic South African teacher. He teaches Primary English and Social Studies. He has an educational background in Law and English and the experience of teaching learners from Primary to adults. A combination of which he uses within the classroom to create an environment of growth and learning. He has a keen interest in reading, history, and learning new and interesting things which he says helps him navigate through modern life where learning and adaptation is key. Having settled in Rawai, Teacher Trent is very keen on spending time in observing and conserving nature – nature being something that he believes is very important for our up-and-coming generations to appreciate whilst protecting. He is good-natured, kind-hearted and easygoing, and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the classroom. Furthermore, he is appreciative and thankful for the opportunity to teach and make a difference in the lives of Rawai Park School students.

Mr. Trent Patterson

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