Adri Savage

Homeroom teacher. English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies Teacher.


My name is Adri Savage I was born and raised in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I have one son whose name is Lucas and he is 22 years old. I lived for several years in a beautiful seaside town called Knysna before I decided to move to Thailand. I was working as the fundraiser at my son’s Kindergarten school organizing several events as well as being a swimming and playball instructor. After 3 years of doing that, I joined his primary school to be a teacher’s assistant, helping students from Year 3 to 7 with Math, English, Science and Social Studies as well as being the sports coach for the whole school. The first time I came to Thailand was in 2016 for 3 weeks and fell in love with the country and its people. I moved to Phuket in October 2019 and I worked for a Thai school for 2 and a half years. I was teaching Math, English and Science for Years 1 to 4 and I was also an ESL teacher for students that needed extra assistance. I decided to join the Rawai Park School in March 2022 and I am teaching English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, PSHE, Computing, Drama, Art and Design for the Pre-K and Year 1 students. I am a very active person who loves any kind of sport as well as the outdoors. My great passion is to teach young children how to become responsible, independent students with good morals and manners. I am very excited to be part of the Rawai Park School where I can continue to fulfil my passion!

Adri Savage

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