Mr. Nikita Golovanov

Geography, Economics, PE, Swimming


Meet the Teacher. P.E Coordinator and Secondary School Geography teacher. Teacher Nikita graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical University and has more than three years of teaching experience. He has been fascinated with Geography from a young age. He teaches his students that Geography can be a living tool, with which you can understand the versatility of our world. He coaches his students to develop critical thinking and plasticity of mind, using illustrative examples of modern geographical issues and phenomena. We all know that Teacher Nikita loves everything that concerns sport. His passion shines through his interaction with his students. His lessons teach our students discipline, hygiene, healthy living styles, as well as positive mental attitudes towards themselves, and as a team player. P.E. classes also highlight the peculiarity of each individual and build self-confidence. All of these, are qualities and skills that Rawai Park Language School believes in, to make our students responsible global citizens.

Mr. Nikita Golovanov

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