Nina Lebanan

Cambridge Mathematics


Meet the Teacher. Teacher Nina is a passionate Mathematics teacher with nearly a decade of experience working with students across a wide range of age groups, from primary to college level. She grew up loving numbers, one of the top of her class, joined Mathematics quiz bees and coached students to their own competitions. Her teaching philosophy is founded on the belief that students possess unique abilities to learn and understand Mathematics in their own way. She is committed to fostering independent and logical thinking while creating an interactive, student-centred learning environment. Teacher Nina agrees and places great emphasis on Rawai Park School’s vision about the significance of the teacher-student rapport in shaping students' perspectives on the subject. Lastly, she holds the belief that a student's excellence in Mathematics is not the sole determinant of their overall success in life. She and Rawai Park School recognize and value the multitude of talents and skills that each student possesses, which may manifest in various aspects of their lives beyond Mathematics.

Nina Lebanan

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