Mr. Oliver Hando

English, Humanities


My name is Oliver Hando and I teach English, Creative Writing, and PSHE to Years 4, 6, and 9 at Rawai Park School. I will also be running Book Clubs and Music Clubs and possibly teaching drum lessons soon! I’m from a small but beautiful country called Wales in the UK. I studied Music Technology and Electronics at Bangor University in North Wales and stayed to complete my PGCE there the following year, in 2014. I have been teaching in Primary and Secondary schools ever since in both Wales and Thailand. I began my teaching career as a Maths teacher in a Secondary school in Wales and then for 2 years I worked as a Primary homeroom teacher. I then decided to move to Thailand, one of my favorite travel destinations and taught English for 18 months in Kamphaeng Phet and Chiang Mai. I returned home in 2019 and taught in UK Primary schools again for nearly 3 years until finally moving back to Thailand in 2022 to teach here in Phuket, where I plan to stay for many years. My main passions in life are traveling, music, and the education of young people. I believe that exploring other countries and experiencing other cultures is a fantastic way to broaden your mind and gain valuable life experiences. I love performing as a drummer and I have also taught drums to many students in the past. I love playing in bands performing a wide range of musical styles from rock, pop, and blues to jazz, funk, and reggae. I hope to get involved in forming and supporting many school bands, ensembles, and musical projects in the months and years to come, and look forward to this greatly. I’m delighted to be starting a new chapter of my life here in the tropical paradise that is Phuket, Thailand and I am very excited about my new role here at Rawai Park School.

Mr. Oliver Hando

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