Mr. Victor Platkov

Russian, Russian math, literature, rhythmic poems and Russian music


Victor My name is Victor. Throughout my life I have had several hobbies. I took up one of them when I was three years old; I started playing musical instruments, and I still love doing it. I have played solo and in various bands and orchestras both in Russia and abroad. I took part in many international contests and won them. I have also been a judge at contests. I love improvising and composing music. I also like working with a computer to record music and write it in music notation. I also enjoy writing poems. I am into a healthy lifestyle and Eastern philosophy. I love reading or listening to audio books. I love my job, and I strongly believe that being a teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs. I have worked as a teacher in different environments, and I enjoyed it everywhere. I have also worked as a volunteer at children’s establishments in Russia and Thailand. My family plays a really important role in my life; they always inspire and support me and make my life happier. I also love my dog, and when I spend time with him, my mood immediately improves. I believe that a good attitude to yourself and other people, being passionate about your job and any activities that you’re engaged in, being kind and considerate help us to be happy, healthy and ensure that every day of our life is a special occasion. My name is Victor. I will be teaching the Russian curriculum and Russian music at Rawai Park School. I love working with children, because it enables me to help them open up to new talents and enjoy the process of gaining new knowledge. I strongly believe each child is gifted, and I try to find an individual approach to each student. I am also going to teach a new class which was designed by me – rhythmic poems. I developed it, because I saw some children didn’t like poems but when I offered them to combine poems and rhythm, they started learning poems with excitement. These classes combine working on different rhythmic patterns, improvisation, articulation and acting skills. They help my students to enhance their memory. I enjoy writing poems, and my students also express interest in writing their own pieces of poetry. These classes boost children’s creativity and self-esteem. They all notice that after taking these classes it’s easier for them to make a speech or perform in public. I try to adapt the educational process to modern conditions. I believe the main role of a teacher is to plant a seed of curiosity and interest in the educational process. I also teach my students how to use information which is available to them in the most effective way. At my classes I pay a lot of attention to developing children’s personalities, to giving children a chance to enjoy taking on more responsibility for themselves and other people. I believe we will be able to create a caring space at Rawai Park School where every student will feel needed, loved and respected.

Mr. Victor Platkov

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