Mr. Victor Platkov

Russian, Russian math, literature, rhythmic poems and Russian music


We are privileged to have Teacher Victor in our team! Due to his personal love of music and his extensive experience of working as a performer, a composer, and a teacher, Victor is the person who manages to spark interest in music in his very first classes with children or adults! He is an example of a person who found his vocation very early in his life and started performing on various stages and teaching when he was 15. He has never ever considered changing his job because he enjoys it so much, and for him, music is life! After graduating from Music Academy and Teachers' training university, he took part in music contests and won them. For more than 35 years of working in this field, he has taught hundreds of students to understand and appreciate the role of music in our lives. Some of his students already work as teachers and performers. At Rawai Park School, we intend to raise a generation of well-educated people who appreciate music and all kinds of art! With our strong team, we are sure to achieve this goal because we know that the sky is the only limit!

Mr. Victor Platkov

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